Most of our performers are perfect entertainment for the wonderful ACTIVE ADULT and COUNTRY/GOLF CLUBS throughout Florida and the United States.

We have it set up so the communities can come and see the acts in person for free. Then, they can give that information to their favorite agent or book them directly.

Also, it's a great opportunity to meet many agents who are eager to book your entertainment for you and give you excellent service.

We invite the Entertainment and Activities Directors and the activities board members of these communities to enjoy our two days of showcases.  There will be different entertainers each day. Even if you can only attend for one day, you can still meet ALL of the entertainers in the Promo Room.  This is FREE for them to attend.

Here's what you will get:

-VIP Seating at our tables.

-One Gift Bag for each community

-Freebies from our performers to all attendees.

-A contact list of all of the entertainers

-Introduction during our showcases

-Discounted hotel rooms (our rate) for those wishing to stay the night at the hotel.

Please register (up to 10 representatives from your community) by clicking on the red button above!


We welcome the Entertainment Directors, Commitees and Staff from your communities.

Phone: 407-226-9088

TOLL FREE: 1-866-342-9310