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Sunburst Convention celebrity impersonators

For Celebrity Impersonators & Celebrity Look Alikes 

​The Sunburst Convention for professional celebrity impersonators

The Sunburst Convention For Professional Celebrity Impersonators

Greg M Thompson/ Executive Producer                          Jackie Thompson/ Producer

Lynn Frey/ Production Manager            Roxie Dixon/ Producer's Asst.-Hospitality Lead​

Patty Accorso/ Production Staff                                Monica Carlile/ Production Staff

Eric Rung/ Technical Director                                                  Tony Wilburn/ Sound

 Emilie Gehrke/ Production Staff                                               Steven Cooch/ Sound  Steven Gehrke/ Production Staff​                       Jack Berrios/ Sunburst Entertainment             Kip Sweeny/ Sunburst Entertainment

Hi Folks,

The Sunburst Convention is a great and friendly environment helping promote the careers of Professional Celebrity Impersonators & Look  A Likes. This is a rather unique profession and we take it seriously.

Our convention is packed with welcoming guests, worthwhile seminars and fantastic showcases...and don't forget the parties!  We welcome all serious entertainers, agents, talent buyers, general public, producers and their guests.  We will have dozens of talent buyers from across the USA attending to check out our attending talent.

Please look around our web site and see what it's all about.  Please feel free to write to me directly and ask whatever questions you have.  Many artists want to mainly know if they are guaranteed bookings by attending.  We cannot guarantee bookings.  There are many factors that must be considered such as professionalism, quality of entertainment, demand of character, pricing, much.  However, we do guarantee that when you leave Sunburst, you will have a much greater chance of getting booked than before you attended, you will increase your network trememdously, you will know and have more contacts, more buyers will know who you are, you will leave a better entertainer than when you arrived (no matter what level you are at currently), you will have more friends than before you attended, you will have more fans and you will have had a fantastic time while you are here.  All in all, you will find Sunburst well worth your while.

Our 2015 convention is looking like the best one ever!  It's our 13th year!   Mark your calendars for SEPTEMBER/2015! This year, we are welcoming the "General Public" to our events MORE THAN EVER!  Click on the "Spectator Info" button you see at the top of this page for more information...or click here: SPECTATOR INFO

We look forward to your participation whether you are an impersonator, agent or spectator for our event!

Thanks for dropping by!  Call me if you have ANY questions!  407-226-9088

All the best,
Greg M  & Jackie Thompson- Producers

September 23-27, 2015

The Florida Hotel and Conference Center/ Orlando, Florida